Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Putting the mo in mosaic

Today I'm channeling my inner Chuck Close and searching for a bit of perfection in that last piece.

It's mosaic time here in the Bender household, as I learn to monkey around in PhotoShop, Bricksaic, and a number of photo manipulation software programs in an attempt to digitally manipulate a photograph to be a coherent representation that is 96 studs wide and 96 studs tall. I'd love to produce a final product that looks like Brian Korte's Yoda mosaic, which currently hangs in the Toy & Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio.

In layman's terms, I'm trying to turn a photo into a LEGO mosaic. In reality, I'm currently failing quite badly. On the positive side, this project requires me to buy more LEGO bricks, which is never a bad thing...

2 comments: said...

You can never have too many! It was good to talk with you. Thanks for sharing the link!

Brian from Brickworkz

rschmalle said...

I'm currently attempting this also, how is yours coming along? I would love any tips that might make this a little easier. Of course moving 3x in the last year doesn't help.