Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poison Ivy, not just a villain in the Batman series

With the start of football season around the corner, we're headed for a series of playing through adversity stories. In football, it's common for nearly every player to be playing with bruises and strains.

Well, I've got my first injury that wants to derail my building career. A vicious bout of poison ivy I picked up while weeding has rendered my hands and fingers a useless itchy mess. So for now, I'm busy sketching out a bottle of Calamine lotion and hoping that the poison ivy dies down so I can get back to snapping bricks together.

Anybody ever had a LEGO-related injury or something that kept them from building?

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Anonymous said...

In the winter when the weather is really dry, my fingertips dry out and will start to crack and bleed if I'm not careful. Extended building sessions seem to bring this on much quicker. With cracked and bleeding fingers, building can get painful. But...you suck it up and push through because the fans pay to see you play and you have to bring your A-game every show. :-)