Friday, September 12, 2008

The mystery is the prize

Young and old, the word that keeps coming up in conversations with fans of LEGO is...imagination. The idea that you can create whatever you want out of these little plastic bricks is what drives so many builders and helps form the base for the connection that people feel with what is not a very cuddly toy.

I left Bellaire, Ohio, with a going away gift from the Toy & Plastic Brick Museum founder Dan Brown- a mystery package that is fueling my imagination. It's the Bionicle set that you see in the picture above, only the label is blank and there are LEGO bricks instead of Bionicle parts inside. I don't think I'll ever open it up.

This, like JJ Abrams' mystery box, "represents infinite possibility." The idea that anything can happen; which serves as the inspiration to try and make something special happen.

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