Monday, September 15, 2008

The land of plenty

Buying in bulk is one of America's finest traditions. I purchase paper towels by the dozens, toothpaste containers four at a time, and I have enough Snyders of Hanover pretzels to last me through the End of Days that Arnold Schwarzenegger will hopefully stop.

But I had yet to buy LEGO bricks in bulk until Friday when I hit the submit button on Bricklink for close to 6,000 bricks. At this point I'm pot committed to building a LEGO mosaic with four colors of grey (both the new and old bley or "blue grey"), black, and white speeding across the country. And now I wait like an angst-ridden high school senior for that package to arrive.

The cat has yet to be informed that she will have to cede the dining room table to a mosaic project, but I'm attempting to annex portions using a series of green baseplates. Worst case scenario, we'll settle it like we settle most things in the house with rock, paper, and scissors. I've got a distinct advantage- the cat can only throw "rock" currently, so I bet I can take her in a best-of-three.

Photo by
Trevor D.

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