Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BrickShow 2008: Dispatches from Bellaire, Ohio

I'm just back from BrickShow2008. The convention was held this past Saturday and Sunday in Bellaire, Ohio, home of the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. The former middle school has been transformed over the past year via the collection of founder Dan Brown. There are LEGO sculptures/mosaics of Yoda, knights, basketball players, and chupacabras. It's an awe-inspiring place.

As for the convention, I'll attempt to explain a few of my experiences through math. Here it is, according to the numbers:

6: Hours of building. I participated in constructing a 30-foot yellow wall for the world record attempt on building the largest castle.

3: The preferred time of night for going to bed, as in 3 a.m.

112: Ounces of caffeinated beverages that entered my system in four days. A bit disconcerting when you add the numbers up, but perhaps connected to the above number.

1: The numbers of camels I built when asked for a horse by a little girl. I apparently have a slight blindness towards animals, where I believe a camel and horse are the same thing. Fortunately the little girl was able to differentiate between the two species.

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