Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bionicle has come to Kansas City

The alien came in the mail. Not a bad first line to a novel or a description of the slim, book-shaped cardboard package that was waiting between my screen door and front door yesterday.

BrickMaster sent me the Bionicle creature you see to the left, and despite it's size (about the width and height of my hand), it was a challenging build. Bionicle is different than traditional LEGO construction as ball joints and pins replace the familiar studs and tubes of bricks.

While the sense of creating your own action figure was intriguing, the radically different pieces and connection joints had my brain threatening to shut down on me. This is the first style or theme of LEGO that has flummoxed me, although I have yet to try and tackle NXT programming- so I'm sure there are areas in which I will be less successful. Overall, the creature aspect of Bionicle is cool; but I'm not yet sold that's it my kind of cool.

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